Domus Habilis

A house that produces energy.

Domus Habilis is an innovative construction model suitable for both new construction and existing buildings, which aims at increasing the use of energy from renewable sources, tackling climate changes and supporting the savings and efficiency policies. Domus Habilis self-produces all the necessary Energy for housing needs, without the use of fossil energy sources such as natural gas and LPG. DH does not consume Energy but it produces it.

Construction and Mobility at zero impact

Thanks to the partnership with Renault Italy, Domus Habilis brings together in a single product, construction and mobility with zero emissions and zero impact. We propose solutions that incorporate and integrate electric vehicles in car sharing to residents or to single owners belonging to Domus Habilis apartments. The aim is to make accessible to all the opportunities created by the synergy of zero energy buildings with electric vehicles and with all services provided by Gamma Renault Z.E.

A long term investment

Domus Habilis is the house which adds value to the investment, transforming living in life. Home ownership becomes a dream even for all those who today do not believe it is possible: young couples, families in rent, temporary workers. Zero annual energy costs, shared services such as vegetable gardens, public areas or household supplies. Saving becomes a resource and can be transformed into a personal investment Plan that makes the future closer to everybody.